I don’t have any good excuses for how long I have been MIA.  I sorta put my business life on the back burner to focus on being a mom.  Which, ok I do think is a great excuse.  I had come to a point where I spent so much time doing my “job”, that I realized I was not being the mom I wanted to be.  So I took some time away and invested myself back into my family.

It has been amazing.  I have been able to truly enjoy and eat up those moments with my kids that I realize will be gone all too soon.  The hilarity that is my 3 year old.  The way she tells me her “one time” stories of things that happened 5 minutes ago.  My 6 year losing his first teeth, and the cool things he comes home from kindergarten so excited to tell me about.  My 7 yr olds first kiss from a boy- on her ear “gross!”, but he said it was an accident 😉 hee hee.  My little 1 year old learning to walk, and shake his head “no”, and drop his bum the instant he hears a music beat.

Yes, being a mom is all that and so much more.

BUT, I have missed my job! I have done some things here and there.  I want to do SO much more!  So now that the kids are out of school in a week, and life seems pretty smooth, I am ready to jump back in the game!

I am going to share so much with you guys!  From sessions I’ve done over the last year, to some tutorials on how I work, to random things in my everday life.

My goal: to become an addicted blogger!

So, consider this your warning.  Be prepared to bookmark this blog, share this blog, spread the word and become addicted!

Summer is here and so is my mojo!


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A Personal Update {It’s about time!}

I seriously can’t believe the last time I posted about myself and my family, my baby boy looked like this:

5 months later, my little chubba lub looks like this!

So much has happened in the last 5 months of this little guy joining our family.  Mostly for the better!

Braddock had a rough start at birth, and again at 6 weeks we were back in the hospital for 3 very long days.  He ended up catching Rotavirus. Which they didn’t figure out until day 3.  He had horribly bloody stools and would not eat.  I have NEVER been so scared in my entire life.  He was lethargic and not very responsive.  He was sent via ambulance from one hospital to a specialty hospital.  There after tests, and lots of blood work, and even a spinal tap it seemed we were never going to figure out what was wrong.  I don’t think I ever stopped praying while there.  But by some miracle, the doctor change we had on day 3 was our answer.  He felt the need to test him one more time, for this specific virus.  And sure enough!

Taking him home that night was the best feeling.

I’m happy to say that since then he has been completely healthy and happy!

We spent the rest of our summer moving from our little 2 bedroom apartment into a real home! Not our home, but one we are renting.  But HOME has earned a whole new meaning to us now.  2 floors with plenty of space for the 6 of us.  A fenced in yard that has been a huge blessing! I seriously have no clue how I handled 5 years in an apartment with 3 kids!

With a husband working 2 jobs,  the house has been my sole responsibility (which my OCDness LOVES!) so it definitely engulfed the rest of my summer 🙂  That is part of why my blog posts are sometimes super behind!  I am loving creating my own spaces though!

Check out my office!

Before- ewwww

After- YAY!

My Main Bathroom

Guess my boys room will be a post another day.  I thought I’d taken pics but nope! Oops 🙂

I celebrated my 30th Birthday! Woohoo!!! I seriously am SO excited for my 30’s. I’ve been looking forward to them for the last few years.  I think my 30’s will be my favorite decade!

Moving on to All My Children, ha ha – not the soap opera!  This is actually what I was going to blog Back to school photo shoot.  Anyone else dread school pictures? I do!!! So we always do our own. I highly recommend this to everyone.

I ventured out all by loneseome with all 4 kids in tow.  We headed to Wheeler Farm in Murray and headed to the backside where I knew there would be a lot less traffic.  I just let my kids roam free while I shot.  And in all honesty, it turned out to be my best shoot ever of my kiddos together! So sit back and enjoy!

How lucky am I? 4 Beautiful babes!

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Congrats Daddy2! {Utah & Idaho Couples Photographer}

Just had to give a little shout out to my Father in law, and his fiancee .

I am excited to travel to Idaho next month to document their special day!

Just a few favorites from their engagement session.

Love you guys!

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