Jayme and I had an awesome afternoon/evening Bridal Session. Starting off inside the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and working our way down to the beautiful park under the shadow of the Capitol Building.

There really are no words needed here. Jayme, you are absolutely stunning.  You have a beautiful glow of happiness. I am so thrilled that I have had the chance to spend so much time with you!

Some people just have that natural flow about them.  Annie was no exception.  This girl just emanates fierceness.

We started off our rainy October day inside the Joseph Smith Memorial Building downtown.   One thing I do LOVE about rainy days, the dramatic atmosphere and lighting. Absolute perfection!

How about this dress? I mean textures galore! So stunning you are Annie, really.

Dress is from Bridal Image in Bountiful, UT.

A touch of personality

We were having so much fun! Then the Groom came, and it was an all out super model session :)

As if I haven’t shown you enough, we headed out into the streets after the rain left us and we were graced with some beautiful sunshine!

Greg, you are such a handsome charm!

All this red could not have been more perfect! Did I mention her wedding colors were red, black and ivory? :) I love red!

Two of my favorite shots from the urban streets of Salt Lake….

There is nothing better than a day full of love, and capturing that love for the keeping!

Have you noticed how gorgeous it is outside? I sure have! Slightly cooler temps, gorgeous sunlight, green trees… It is the perfect time of year for portraits. And trust me, it isn’t going to last! The month of September is going to be stunning!

So in celebration of the beautiful look Utah is giving us right now, the start of school, and my birthday (yes, I am celebrating, despite the fact that it is on Saturday and my wisdom teeth are being pulled Friday, I will celebrate!) I am having  all out specials on every session!

Let’s start with what seems to be the hot item right now :) Back to school! Did I mention that my oldest is starting Kindergarten? Don’t worry, I am not the cry over it type of mom. Instead I am thinking of what all I can get done in that whole 2.5 hours she is gone. hee hee

So, if you are sick of the school portraits where you have no clue what face your child will be making, how their hair will turn out and the basic, shoulder up shot, Let’s do a Back to School Session for just $100! That gives you a mini session of a child Pre-k through 11th grade. One outfit, on location. You will receive a full resolution CD of 10-15 images. With the print rights!

Let’s not forget our Seniors! It’s the most exciting time of their lives! (thus far) You need to show off all that they have accomplished. What they’re interests are, their style. Them.

Choose from a mini session for $150- 1 outfit on location. 15-20 images full resolution on cd with print rights.

Or choose a full Senior Session for $250. Unlimited outfit changes, multiple locations. 30-45 images full resolution on cd with the print rights!

Maternity and New Bundles- get a full session for just $150! That’s on location. 15-25 images on cd in full resolution with the image release!

Couples & Engagements- Choose between a mini session- for just $150- that is on location, one outfit and 10-15  full resolution images on cd with the image release,


Get a full Session, unlimited outfit changes, multiple locations, 30-45 full resolution images on cd with the image release for just $250!

Families- thought about Christmas cards yet? I know, what?! When did that happen?! That’s what I realized when I saw Halloween items at the store yesterday. It really is right around the corner.  Right now it is gorgeous for pictures! Sure, you can chance trying to get those perfect fall leaves shots- which you will only have one good week where the weather is actually perfect for that. Or you can brave the frosty winds and snow for those wintery shots. Which I actually LOVE, but not many do :) But now, really is, the right time!

Choose between a mini session for $150- group shots, 10-15 full resolution images on cd with the image release, OR

A full family Session- breakdowns included for just $300. 30-45 images in full resolution on cd with the image release!

Let’s not forget our beautiful Brides! Get a full bridal session for just $250.  25-40 full resolution images on cd with the print rights!

These are deals you don’t want to pass up! And they will only last for a short time!

So call, text or email me to book your sessions!

Hollie Hanson



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Now that she is finally married!!! I get to share Michelle’s gorgeous bridal session with you all. We had a blast!

One thing is for sure, here in Utah, there are endless possibilities for looks and settings. I LOVE it! We drove way out to Antelope Island to grab a more exotic feel, in the middle of our desert state :)

We survived endless swarms of mosquitoes, and huge herds of buffalo blocking the road. It really was stunning. And Michelle, you just made the environment that much more breathtaking.

And if that wasn’t enough gorgeousness for one post.. Here is a peek from the wedding day!

It was love before they even met….

Kyle and Natalie. Yes, their names make a sentence all on their own! :) Two of the cutest people I have EVER met!

Set up by a friend, these two began texting, and  talking on the phone. This lasted for 2 months!! April 25, 2008-Kyle asked Natalie to be his girlfriend before they had ever even met in person. I know, you are thinking what I am thinking. WOW! And guess what she said….


Natalie, was a student at the University of Utah (Go Utes!!) and Kyle was in Vegas working for an airline. Their first date? Vegas! Some good ole In & Out, bowling, shopping on the strip and the infamous Bellagio water show. (I should mention they finally met May 29th, 2008. A full month after Kyle asked her to be his girlfriend!)

How do you outdo that first date? By having your second date be a trip to San Diego and Sea World!

It was a world wind of romance and fun, all leading up to that big question.

The Engagement came on February 16, 2009- President’s Day

Kyle went ring shopping earlier that morning, and was too excited to wait! When he returned from shopping Natalie came upstairs and found kyle sitting on the couch with a cute pink and white hearted bear.  He told her to push the bears foot and it said, “Hi Natalie, I love you, will you marry me?” and then he pulled out the ring.

For another full year these two dated long distance. Kyle remained in Vegas and Natalie was studying hard and working. The weekends brought them together. And some U football!

Finally on March 19, 2010, I had the privilege of witnessing and capturing the moments that these two shared as they finally became husband and wife. The gorgeous Tuscany was the ideal location for a Utah spring day. A little bit of sunshine, mixed with 48 degree weather that dropped and even brought in some snow!

Never, and I mean never, in all my wedding coverage, have I seen a couple so relaxed, and just completely enraptured and in total joy with each other on their day.  Laughing and cracking jokes constantly and always teasing each other. I was laughing so hard sometimes I was afraid I was going to have some camera shake!

You two are an absolute joy! I feel so blessed to do what I do and to get to capture moments like these:

You definitely don’t need this, but I wish you two a healthy, happy long life of complete bliss together! You are awesome!

Tall Beauty

Posted on March 29, 2010

Guess what!?

The wedding is done which means I can finally share my Gorgeous Bride from February! Do you have any idea how much it tortures me to not be able to share? It really, really does!

Meet Natalie. My stunning 6 foot 1 bride!  (Yes, 6 foot 1) She stands taller than me when she is barefoot and I am in 4inch stilettos!

It was the typical Utah winter/spring day for shooting. A little sun, a chilly wind, and even some snow! Only a little :) We really did luck out!The Tuscany is absolutely gorgeous no matter what time of year.

Nat, you are stunning! You are so much fun to work with and I am so glad you found me through our pediatrician! hee hee

Thank you for letting me capture your personality and beauty!

of course we had take advantage of those never ending dancer legs! :)