About Me

Who am I?

I am me.

I am Hollie!

I am an outgoing girl full of life.

I am first and foremost: a friend, a sister, a daughter, a wife, and a mother.

I am married to a wonderful man. He is my backbone in all I do. I am a mother to 3 insanely active toddlers! (Well, okay: 5 1/2yrs, 4yrs, and 1yr Your browser may not support display of this image. .)  They are what I live every day for. They are who make me want to be a better wife and mother – and who inspire me to reach for goals I would never have thought possible for me to achieve. They better me in every way.

I am a funny girl. I am loud and love being the center of attention. I have always been able to laugh at myself (thank goodness)! And because of that, embarrassment has never been an issue. I just like to have fun and enjoy life! I love to crack jokes and keep everyone laughing.

At the same time, however, I live for those tender moments. That breathtaking moment when your heart is pounding and you can scarcely find breath enough to say “I do”… to that first cry you hear from your baby ‘s lips.  You know – those moments you realize life is all (and so much more than) you expected. I will freely admit to being a total sap! (You should have seen me at my wedding, and then the birth of my babies. Ha!)

I feel I have been extremely blessed with my artistic abilities. I have put many an hour into upgrading the these talents from ‘gifts’ to ‘skills’. I have been a pianist and singer for 20 years. I even started college in pursuit of a double Major (Vocal Performance and Music Education). And someday I will go back to finish. For now, though, while I bide my time and raise my children, I teach from my home and love it!

I have always loved photography. I love being able to peer through a lens and capture something timeless – something surreal. Something that makes your breath catch and you say “WOW”. I love being able to capture and freeze those moments in time that only happen once.

When and Why Photography?

I think I really found my love for photography when I was 12. My aunt gave me her camera to take pictures at my sister’s wedding.  I must have gone through 10 rolls of film!!! Later, at the age of 17, I was reintroduced to the world of photography when I went to have my High School Senior pictures taken and thought, “wow – this looks fun!”. I applied for the position, was given the job, and have enveloped myself (and everyone I can convince to hold still for 10 seconds) in photography since. I have worked for studios, for independent photographers, and now I finally work for myself! Yea! For a decade now, I have done independent work – and am finally taking that big plunge (complete with a full-on website and blog). I am so excited about this opportunity that I get butterflies just contemplating it all! It will all be rolling out over the next 6 months… so make sure you keep following!

Now, if you read all this: I’m impressed! Here I was, worried I wouldn’t be able to write anything… Maybe I should write an autobiography? Then again, maybe I’ll just make a photo album. After all, they say a picture is worth a thousand words…