I suppose it’s because it is fast approaching 3am here, and my 35 weeks of pregnancy has caught up with me, that I have been inspired to make this session my next share.

I have had the privilege of knowing Kate and Will for several years now.  A couple full of talent and tenderness.  For the years I have known them they have always wanted children.   Like many couples, this did not come as they had hoped and tried for.  I sat and watched as they struggled.  I felt pangs of guilt as I was blessed with 2 more of my own as they fought to get even one.

I watched as they went into foster parenting and when things looked so great for adopting, it came crashing down. I wanted to cry for them.

Then I cheered  AND cried at the news spread of their own miraculous joy!  Could this really be happening? Indeed it was!

Kate and Will.  You are both so sweet and so beautiful.  Words cannot express to you, what my heart feels seeing you get that chance to be parents to your own beautiful little girl. So deserving you both are.

Kate you emanate every ounce of the word RADIANT

Some people just have that natural flow about them.  Annie was no exception.  This girl just emanates fierceness.

We started off our rainy October day inside the Joseph Smith Memorial Building downtown.   One thing I do LOVE about rainy days, the dramatic atmosphere and lighting. Absolute perfection!

How about this dress? I mean textures galore! So stunning you are Annie, really.

Dress is from Bridal Image in Bountiful, UT.

A touch of personality

We were having so much fun! Then the Groom came, and it was an all out super model session :)

As if I haven’t shown you enough, we headed out into the streets after the rain left us and we were graced with some beautiful sunshine!

Greg, you are such a handsome charm!

All this red could not have been more perfect! Did I mention her wedding colors were red, black and ivory? :) I love red!

Two of my favorite shots from the urban streets of Salt Lake….

There is nothing better than a day full of love, and capturing that love for the keeping!

Has is seriously been almost 8 weeks?!

Posted on March 21, 2011

Oh my word where did the time go?! Last post I was 25 weeks checkin in.  Now I am almost 34 weeks!

Back in mid January after realizing we were only mid way through the bleak winters here, and having kids with a lot of sinus, throat and ear infections, we decided to have our 2 youngest get tubes in their ears (We’ve done this a total of 7x between the 3 kids in 6 yrs). Lillie our baby girl, also had her adenoids removed. This poor girl, I can’t even explain what she has been through this winter. It’s so sad.  So anywho, all in the same morning they both went in. A few of my favorite captures from the day:


My poor babies after :( It is always so hard for me to not be able to make everything ok right away! Not to mention how sad and pitiful they look.

Probably one of the funniest moments of the day, was after we’d gone home. Damon was having a hard time keeping things down and the poor guys disappeared for a bit. Found him like this….

Completely asleep!

Since that surgery day, D has been awesome. Rarely a cruddy nose even. Lils on the other hand, became so sick that very week. And it never stopped. Several antibiotics, Rosefin shots and nothing was working. Tried herbal, tried natural oils. Nothing worked to get her better. So last Friday after mommy crying from not being able to make her better, she had her tonsils out. :( Still on the mend from that. I am just praying this actually works for her!

So aside from that part of my crazy life, I have lots of awesome shoots to share with you all!

So stay tuned!