I have to admit, I am a bit of a gush over this session! It all started with talk of the perfect family portrait, one that reflects your style, but in a cool, I wish I was that person, way. Then it just sort of evolved from there.  See, Tonii and I are kinda like sisters, in a non-blood-related-way. We are so alike in so many ways.  Our husbands are awesome friends and so are our kids. She is an amazing person and an amazing mother. She is beautiful and has the personality to follow.

So knowing I was taking her family pictures, I searched and drove, and drove, and searched,  for the ultimate spot.  When I saw this old roof peeking through the tree tops I had to sneak a peek. I drove in and literally sighed outloud. It was destiny! And it was beyond perfect!

To test it out I took my 3 kids for a session there (that post is coming too!) Yes, I fell even more in love with this old house.

I had to take Tonii to see it. So we met up for a day of location checking and outfit shopping. The moment she saw it, she was head over heels like I was.

We spent 2 days shopping for the perfect outfits. Completely changed our minds from a soft antique feel, to more bold and colorful. Totally not the direction we saw ourselves going, but when we saw the kids skirts, and her belt, there was no choice! Yes, her belt. You will see :)

She made awesome ornaments for the girls hair, we got little man a tie, and I made her feather earrings and a hair piece. Just a touch of flair!

And the outcome? Well, I could not be any happier.

That is why you get to see a million pictures in this post. I couldn’t make myself narrow it down!

Thanks Paul and Tonii for an awesome evening with your amazingly gorgeous family! You guys are the best! And I mean that in every way!

I had to start this looksee with the most gorgeous couple that belongs in a movie :) I mean, that is where a family starts right?

These 2 stunning people created the following 3 adorable and precious babies!

And together they gave me this…

(Did you see moms belt?)

Of course, every session is full of laughing moments


Posted on July 23, 2010

Testing out some blog templates. I seriously thought, oh this will be soooo easy to make. Um, lesson learned.  They are not quite what I want them to be and it is taking forever to get them just right! LOL

Wild Beauty {Utah Photographer}

Posted on July 23, 2010

Some things in life are just so simple.  Just one look makes you at peace and takes you into another world where there is no stress, no financial worries, no lists of things to get done. No kids screaming and no mountains of laundry.

For me, that place is in the mountains. Fresh, clean air. Crisp with a gentle breeze. The sounds of running streams and rustling leaves.  Then there are the wild flowers…. Wild growing Columbine. A thing of beauty only found in one part of Alpine Loop. White on one side, then just a short drive down they become yellow.  Blooming for just a short while, if you miss it you have to wait until the following year.

Dear Columbine, you are a true beauty.

I know, I know! I have disappeared again! Bet you can’t guess why? Yep, computer issues. Again. Maybe it’s not so much the computer as it is me :)

It figures that I have a completely new computer built and the one thing we did NOT replace, the video card, fried out.  And big time too. LOL

But alas, we can rest easy now. It is all shiny and new!

So I have SO much to catch up on here now! So stay tuned for some awesome posts and stories!

But since I am running late this morning to my appointment,

I will leave you with this: