There is so much to love about a young girl who has enveloped herself in the world of dance.  It was a perfect, and I mean PERFECT day for this session. The cloud cover gave me that extra dramatic lighting I wanted, mixed with periods of peeking sunshine. Miss K was a dream to shoot! Thanks so much for letting me spend my evening in bliss!

This past week was a week of boys, and I loved it! From the Urban 4 yr old to a tiny country boy. It was awesome!

Meet little Isaac.

My dear friends sweet little 4 month old. A precious gift indeed. This little angel was born with a rare condition called sagittal lamdoid cranial synostosis. In easier terms, 3 out of 6 of his soft spots on his skull fused shut before birth, leaving no where for his brain to grow.  He will be undergoing a 5 hour long surgery this week to take out his skull and replace it with dissolvable spacers and screws.

This happy , healthy  boy ( literally, he is the size of my 15 month old!) was a joy to photograph! Even without his nap, he still made goo goo eyes with his big blues at the camera. And my camera LOVES him! He was happy no matter how I tortured him :)

Even baby drool is so darn cute!

I had to do it. I know it is so not me to take pictures following the “IN” trends, but I knew where I wanted to take his pictures, I knew what outfit I wanted him in, and I KNOW how this child behaves for pictures. Thus, it resulted in bribery and an almost 2 hour shoot just trying to get 1, yes 1! good picture. That’s all I wanted! So I called for reinforcements (balloons and sugar!).  I used up every ounce of light the sun would give me before it dipped away behind the mountains. And I mean EVERY ounce of sunlight.  It was very dark behind the ally as we walked back to the car. Ok, we ran! :D

All worth it though!

And shockingly, after slight pain on my part (you should see the bruises on my legs) the end results were these:

And because I am the mom, I have to show you, it is rare to get a perfect session. Especially with your own children ;) Here is the proof of what happens in order to get that perfect picture. Even these are some of my favorites! I love candids that show personality and honesty.


Belated Mothers Day Wishes

Posted on May 14, 2010

It seems time got away form me this last week or so!

Between life as a mother of 3, a photographer, and running a house, sometimes I get behind.  :) It’s all good though! I enjoy every minute of it!

I wanted to use Mothers Day as a way to tell you a little bit more about me. I think it is good to know your photographer as more than that. AS a friend.  Whether I am taking your pictures or you are just following me, I consider you all friends!

I was blessed 5.5 year ago to become a mother. 3 kids in 5 years isn’t too shabby! I know some think it’s crazy but I love every minute of it. (almost) ;)

I won’t lie, motherhood has been the most rewarding, most frustrating, most taking and most giving calling I have ever taken on in life. There are days I want to call it quits and wonder how I will make it to the end of the day. Then one of babes will do or say the sweetest or funniest thing and all my worries and frustrations just seem to wash away. They have made me who I am today and they make me want to be so much more than I. For them. I am constantly pushing myself to be more for them.

To all you mothers, past, present and future. I wish you very warm belated Mothers Day wishes. I hope you find the rewards and the joys to be beyond your expectations!

I talked my hubby into taking some pictures of me and kiddo’s. So I’d like to introduce you to my trio.

Cherish, Damon and Lillienne

It was love before they even met….

Kyle and Natalie. Yes, their names make a sentence all on their own! :) Two of the cutest people I have EVER met!

Set up by a friend, these two began texting, and  talking on the phone. This lasted for 2 months!! April 25, 2008-Kyle asked Natalie to be his girlfriend before they had ever even met in person. I know, you are thinking what I am thinking. WOW! And guess what she said….


Natalie, was a student at the University of Utah (Go Utes!!) and Kyle was in Vegas working for an airline. Their first date? Vegas! Some good ole In & Out, bowling, shopping on the strip and the infamous Bellagio water show. (I should mention they finally met May 29th, 2008. A full month after Kyle asked her to be his girlfriend!)

How do you outdo that first date? By having your second date be a trip to San Diego and Sea World!

It was a world wind of romance and fun, all leading up to that big question.

The Engagement came on February 16, 2009- President’s Day

Kyle went ring shopping earlier that morning, and was too excited to wait! When he returned from shopping Natalie came upstairs and found kyle sitting on the couch with a cute pink and white hearted bear.  He told her to push the bears foot and it said, “Hi Natalie, I love you, will you marry me?” and then he pulled out the ring.

For another full year these two dated long distance. Kyle remained in Vegas and Natalie was studying hard and working. The weekends brought them together. And some U football!

Finally on March 19, 2010, I had the privilege of witnessing and capturing the moments that these two shared as they finally became husband and wife. The gorgeous Tuscany was the ideal location for a Utah spring day. A little bit of sunshine, mixed with 48 degree weather that dropped and even brought in some snow!

Never, and I mean never, in all my wedding coverage, have I seen a couple so relaxed, and just completely enraptured and in total joy with each other on their day.  Laughing and cracking jokes constantly and always teasing each other. I was laughing so hard sometimes I was afraid I was going to have some camera shake!

You two are an absolute joy! I feel so blessed to do what I do and to get to capture moments like these:

You definitely don’t need this, but I wish you two a healthy, happy long life of complete bliss together! You are awesome!