Just the word makes me cringe!

Those sticky, messy flowers that kids seem to be magnets for. “Mom, look! I picked you some pretty flowers!” She says as she hands me  a bouquet of both the yellow staining and the seeding weeds. “Thanks so much sweetheart! That is so thoughtful!” Holding them away from me just as a huge gust of wind comes threw and blows all the seeds right into my mouth. My 5 yr old thought it was hilarious. Then she trots off to play with her brother.

Little did I know that behind me little Miss Lillie was watching everything. So I turned to find this….

{catching on to blowing}

{then decided since that didn’t work…}

{yes, indeed they must taste better than they blow!}

{then again…}

{What on earth!? Quick! Mom, quit taking pictures and get it out of my mouth!!!}

{Hee hee, I know I am so cute}

I seriously almost peed my pants from laughing so hard! What a hilarious little bug she is. And these first explorations of new things in her world are my favorite moments.

Now, in case you were thinking “how on earth did you capture these moments and just happen to have your camera on you?”

I was at this place taking pictures of the “scenery” for clients. :)

I am so glad I had my camera.

Tell me, what have been your funny moments with your kids?

Some couples just make you sick. Sick with complete envy! Not only are the gorgeous, but Kesia and Brooks have got the best personalities and it shows. Laughing and goofing off, and still pulling that “I belong in a Calvin Klein ad” face.  I have to admit, I am truly lucky and unlucky at the same time.  Lucky that she, is my baby sis. Unlucky, well hellooooo!!! Would you look at her! Of course I expected nothing less from her when it came to choosing the man. ;) As gorgeous as she is.

A good candid just makes my whole Day!

And then they work it, in a way that makes my heart take leaps and love what I do even more!

In case you missed it, there are more of these two just a few posts below here!

Not sure exactly where to begin. Let me just say, that it is most definitely in my luck that the week I launch my official Cherry Tree Blog my enitre computer crashes! For reals! I thought I was going to have a panic attack. No wait, I did! I never realized how much I depend on my computer to make my day function and go smoothly and my sanity to remain intact. Yes that is right, sanity. It’s like my release. Better than a hot bubble bath!I’m still debating between my computer and chocolate ;)

There are two good things that came of my computer-less world. 1) I got a whole new fancy computer thanks to my brothers genius knowledge and my husbands annoying(because I like to spend) and yet smart saving habits (Sadly, I spent my portion of our tax refund, he had not.  Yes I owe you huge James! You know I love you!!).

and 2) My Spring cleaning was finished the first week. Although I still have our porch to take care of, but that is a two person job. And when your husband works two full time jobs, something has to get pushed back :)

I was really hoping to post about Easter. I love Easter! And not just because of the Cadburry Mini eggs, which I could eat by the bagful, but because of color and spring! Not a pastel fan myself, but it is a huge step up from the winter blues! And for me, living here in Utah, it could POSSIBLY mean Spring is on it’s way. Which turned out to be false! I think we may have skipped spring. No joke, snow last week and almost 80 degrees today. Totally not complaining because I am a summer girl all the way!

Along with the chaos of having no computer I didn’t get to do anything with my awesome wedding I shot in March! I have been working like mad on them for 2 days now, and today I came across this.

And I really think no words need to be said.

There are so many more amazing pictures to share from this event, so stay tuned!